UV Curing

        The word Radcure is an abbreviation of "Radiation Curable". The radiation which is successfully utilized at present includes ultraviolet ray and electronic ray. Since 1940's, the chemicals which were curable under ultraviolet ray and electronic ray had been successfully produced. However, it was not popular until 1960's and especially after the oil crisis that Radcure was gradually industrialized and its application range was expanded to printing ink, paper, timber, plastic products, printed circuit board, interlayer bonding and coating etc.
        The development of Radcure in the advanced industrial countries has been proven. Its growth rate is estimated at 10-15% each year. In 1980's, Radcure has developed satisfactorily in Taiwan in the fields of paper glossing, furniture coating and surface treatment of plastic material to those of printing, electronics, ink, bonding and other fields of higher technology. In recent years, law has been enacted to protect environment, the right and interests of the workers. The emergence of the petroleum energy crisis further underlines the issue of using energy-saving green materials. All these problems which have to be solved in striding towards a rational society will push this new technology to be develop in industry because Radcure is mainly characterized by energy saving, anti-pollution and anti-low efficiency.
        CATAL has accumulated experiences in the specialized chemicals and engineering resin for many years. It has made a certain contribution to various industries in Taiwan with its widely-used CATARAD UV curable products. It can be said with certainty that for the broad industrial and commercial circles among the developing countries and regions in the Asian and Pacific region, CATAL will play a more active role in the arrival of Radcure era.