Special Utility

CATALCURE® Specialty Utility Series
Product No. Application
PA-1100 • PET primer
• 1K type. Suitable for untreated PET, TPU substrates
• Viscosity could be adjusted according to coating methods
BP-304 • Thermal-cured; semi-gloss type ink printing ink for polyester film
• Suitable for printing on the front side of a tag
• Can be used as a binder of e-conducting glue/paste; e.g. carbon or silver powder; featured by high toughness and wearing resistance
LSI-1100 • Light-shielding ink
• For chemical-reinforced glass substrate; suitable for light scribe process
• 2K type; resistant to water boiling; good adherence
UVP-10N • UV type pressure sensitive adhesive
• Excellent printability; high resolution and good adherence
• More model types are available
AA-9500 • Anaerobic Adhesive-metal gasket sealant
• Initial tack is achieved within 10 min; can pass free fall test after 24 h (1m height)
• More model types are available
AA-680 • Anaerobic Adhesive-threadlockers
• Low viscosity; easy to operate
• More model types are available