CATALSIN® Resin Series
Product No. Application
1070 • Modified vinyl ester resin
• Applied to sheet molding compound process of carbon filler(fiber)
• 1K type; high toughness; impact resistance
• Application example:
√ Compounding of bipolar plates of fuel cells
APA • Phosphoric ester acrylate resin
• Adhesion promoter
• Application example:
√ Printing circuit board, metal coating
UVR-B200 • Urethane acrylate
• Di-functional, low viscosity(8,000~13,000 cps), excellent flexibility
• Application example:
√ 3D printing, inject application
UVR-1200 • UV resin
• Difficult-to-adhere substrate
• Application example:
√ Untreated PET adhesion