CATAL MATERIAL was founded in 1979 and located in Jiatai Industrial Park, Chiayi, Taiwan. At our initial stage, we developed more than 30 kinds of homogeneous catalysts (promoters/accelerators/driers) for resin polymerization to fit the requirements of downstream manufacture processes. Subsequently, we synthesized the first commercialized vinyl ester resin in Taiwan. Vinyl ester resin shows corrosion resistance property and has made great contributions to particular corrosion protection usage during the twenty years after. In 1985, CATAL successfully developed the first UV-curable functional resin/adhesive/paint (RAP) and timely promoted the prosperity of the wooden furniture industry. We continued to exploit the applications of UV-curable RAP. For example, it could be applied to PVC-based wall board, ceiling and slide door coating protection.
        After 2000, CATAL switched gears to exploit the applications of UV-curable RAP to electronics and precision instrument industries and has been able to produce cellphone button protective coating as well as the interior silicone plate adhesive. Recently, CATAL has collaborated with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to develop PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) type OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive), which is suitable for use in touch panels of cellphones and display monitors. In addition, CATAL has been dedicated to developing and providing carbon-based high performance radiator paint, capable of being utilized in high temperature furnace, space crafts and applications in metallurgy, architecture and chemical engineering industries. Simultaneously, we have entered the field of green technology based on nanomaterials. For instance, the developments of lightfast inorganic mineral paint for indoor and outdoor usage as well as NIR (Near Infrared) radiation (heat) shielding materials. These could all be widely applied to automotive and architecture industries.
        Since the foundation of CATAL, our superior research power has enabled us to upgrade the manufacture processes. Meanwhile, we spare no efforts to improve the quality and capability of the earlier products. Customized and tailor-made RAP formula has always been our own niche, which provides the best and integrated solutions. All of these are combined and proceed along with the spirits of innovation and service.
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